Success Stories!


Hear Some of Our Member's Success Stories

Colleen B.

“In my first 6-weeks I’ve lost 20lb and feel leaner, more fit and better than I ever have!” 

Cecilia E.

“I battled with Hashimoto’s which is a thyroid disease that made weight loss incredibly difficult… Through Gage Strength Training I was able to 10lb of body fat and gain a ton of strength!” 

Celeste A.

“I’ve lost over 40lb and feel healthier now than I did in my 20s!!"

Jeff J.

I lost 120lb in 7 months working out at Gage Strength Training… The coaches provided fun and amazing workouts for all ability levels, and the nutrition program helped me lose and maintain my 100+lb weight loss!” 

Jason T.

“I’ve noticed a huge increase in my energy levels and confidence.. I’ve lost over 50lb and I’m looking forward to being more active with my students and kids that I coach!” 

Nichole T.

“I’ve lost over 60lb since joining Gage… The best part is that I’ve come off ALL my blood pressure, depression and cholesterol medication!!"

Rob R. 

“I started the gym at the age of 47… I had worked out in the past, but this was the first program that ever really worked for me! Now as I’m turning 50, I feel better NOW than when I was turning 40!”

John M.

“I’ve lost 15lb and dropped 7% body fat, and I feel better than I have in a LONG time… Over the years I had let myself go, but this program truly helped me feel like the athlete I used to be!” 

Lauren S.

“Since training at Gage Strength Training, the scale hasn’t moved much but I’ve lost SO many inches off my body, my energy is much higher and I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been! The scale doesn’t tell the whole story!"


"I only lost 6lb, but the energy I’ve gained and the results I’ve seen have been amazing… My confidence has improved, and I finally feel like myself again!" 

Jason C.

“I’ve lost 40lb and 17% body fat since joining Gage… I feel younger, healthier and stronger than I have in my entire life… This is the best gym around!" 

Brian O.

“After a bad car accident doctors told me that I’d never workout again and I had reached the point of being “Obese”… After starting at Gage, I’ve lost 45lb and over 20% body fat! This program saved my life.” 


"This was the first program I’ve ever been able to stick with, and I feel healthier than I ever have in my life! Thank you GST!"
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