Middle School Athlete Training

Middle School Athlete Training

Speed, Agility, and Strength Training for 6th-8th Grade Athletes

Athlete Development Training for Middle School Boys and Girls looking to have more fun and play to their highest potential!


Our Middle School Athlete program is designed to develop the athletic needs of that age. By the time a youth athlete reaches high school they have typically played on dozens of teams and under dozens of coaches, but probably still haven’t learned the fundamentals of athleticism, core strength and the basic skills to creating a lifelong athlete!

The skills and habits that these kids learn in an athletic development program can shape the person they grow to be. Gage Strength Training offers a comprehensive program that covers all of the bases, we work on developing the athlete’s speed, agility, core stability and strength which is just what kids at that age need in order to learn proper movement and athletic skills.

This program was developed in order to help young and inexperienced athletes develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed in their respective sports - now, in high school, and in the future!

GST Athletes Will Learn How To:

  • Warm-up properly so they can avoid injury
  • How to run with perfect form so they can be the fastest on the field
  • How to strength train the RIGHT way so they can be ready for high school
  • How to be a better leader in order to help teammates be more successful and earn respect from coaches and teachers.
Why is it important for my Middle School athlete to train? Because less than 1 in 4 kids today get the recommended amount of physical activity.

According to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness, even kids who play sports are not getting enough activity to stay healthy.

This Can Lead To:

  • Becoming overweight or obese
  • Problems focusing or concentrating in school
  • Decreased self confidence and self esteem
  • Poor sleep
  • Health problems including high blood pressure and diabetes
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Training Options

We offer a variety of training options for youth athletes that fit all schedules and budgets! Our goal isn’t to overwhelm young athletes with countless hours of training, stacked on top of their homework and extra-curricular activities- we want them to have a good balance, so they can continue to have fun while developing themselves as an athlete!

Call us today at 610-567-3433 to learn more about the training packages and options available for your athlete!
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