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If you're looking for individualized attention and custom workouts designed specifically for your needs, you've come to the right place. At Gage Strength Training, we specialize in effective training, fitness, and weight loss for clients of all ages.
Our personable trainers will take the time to get to know you, understand your needs, and put together a training package that will help you achieve your goals in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. Also, if you work hard enough and truly dedicate yourself to your training, you might just be our Member of the Month.

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Certified Strength and Conditioning Experts

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Devin Gage is a fitness professional in Chester County who has helped thousands of people reach their fitness goals and improve their health through his business Gage Strength Training since 2012.

 Devin has been a certified fitness professional for over 10 years, and during that time has used his passion, knowledge and experience studying alongside some of the most renowned professionals in the world to help thousands of clients improve their health, feel and look amazing and build a newfound confidence in themselves! 

No matter your level of experience, health condition or overall ability you can join the thousands of others that have made the same transformation under the guidance of the program Devin created at Gage Strength Training. 

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CHRIS HESKETT Nutrition Coach, Head of Personal Training

Chris has a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, as well as being a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the NSCA, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, HKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor and Back Pain Relief Specialist. 

Chris’ role as the Head of our Nutritional Account- ability group and Personal Training Program has allowed him to change hundreds of lives since starting at Gage Strength Training in 2014. 

Chris’ experience through years of coaching adults and teens in fitness, nutrition and athletics has given him the incredible skill of “meeting you where you are” in terms of your fitness and nutrition. Hundreds of clients with past injuries, special health needs and poor diet have been successful under Chris’ knowledge and care when they never have been able to before! 

No matter what your skill level, individual needs or level of experience, you can find comfort in knowing that Chris will give you the workout that’s best for you as an individual and show you the patience, empathy and support that you deserve. 

Chris’ Professional Certifications include: Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach(CSCS), Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, B.S Exercise Science, Certified Relief4Life Back Pain Specialist, HKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor, Competitive Bodybuilding Judge 

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JEFF SCHUMACHER  Head of Training, Director of Athlete Development 

Jeff has a Bachelor’s (Penn State University) as well as a Master’s Degree (California University of PA) in Exercise Science with a focus on Performance Enhancement and Injury prevention and several additional certifications from nationally accredited organizations. 

Jeff’s experience and knowledge is never ending as he constantly seeks education from the best in the industry of health, fitness and nutrition on a regular basis which he uses to provide exceptional knowledge, care and support for the members of Gage Strength Training. 

In Jeff’s 7 years of experience working with Athletes and Adults of all ability levels and skill he has developed the knowledge to help ANY person achieve results they never thought possible. Jeff has worked with thousands of clients ranging from youth athletes to professional athletes during his time with the Philadelphia Union to adult clients looking to look and feel better. 

Jeff’s been exceptional in helping our adult clients achieve new levels of fitness, flexibility and endurance that they were never able to achieve, and has helped dozens of clients achieve amazing athletic achievements under his guidance. 

Jeff’s Professional Certifications include: B.S. and M.S. in Exercise Science, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NASM Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist, Functional Movement Systems certified professional. 

RACHEL LAMB Front Desk Manager, Fitness Coach

Rachel has gained considerable knowledge during her time studying and receiving a bachelor’s degree from Immaculata University in Exercise Science which enables her to be an extremely poised and confident coach to our adult fitness clients and able to help them reach their goals faster than ever. 

Rachel also uses her experience and leadership abilities to run our Kids Fitness program and teach kids the same qualities she learned from her experience as a an Exercise Science major as well as collegiate soccer player. Rachel’s energy and attitude has been an asset to helping our fitness clients connect with her which has made it easier for Rachel to help them progress in their health and fitness goals! 

RICH BRUNO Fitness Coach, Athlete Performance Expert

Rich holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Kinesiology, as well as studying for a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from West Chester University. In Rich’s year of experience in coaching he has helped hundreds of adults and athletes improve their health and see amazing progress through his patient and caring demeanor and unbelievable knowledge of health and fitness.  

Rich coaches the adults in our Low Impact program as well as our adult fitness classes where he is extremely supportive and encourage to a population of people that have had trouble getting in shape in the past, showing that anyone can be healthy no matter their current state of ability as long as they have a strong and caring support system! 

Rich’s energy and attitude have been an amazing asset to our team, and have helped our program help more people around Chester County than ever before! 
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